About us


1949 Heikichi Kubo founded MIYOSHI Manufacturing Company at Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Feb.1952 Incorporated company as Limited Company with investments 35 thousand yen.
Mar.1961 Investments increased to 3.35 million yen.
Sep.1961 Takyo factory begun operation.
Mar.1965 Acquired Wiring Equipment Manufacturing permission.
Mar.1967 Investments increased to 7 million yen.
Oct. 1973 Muroran factory begun operation.
May. 1982 Acquired UL 746D Molder Program(E81098(S)).
Feb. 1988 Takeshi Kubo assumed CEO.
Jul. 1988 Incorporated company as MIYOSHI Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1988 Muroran 2nd factory begun operation.
Feb. 1992 Investments increased to 10 million yen.
Sep. 1992 Muroran 3nd factory begun operation.
Dec. 1993 Muroran Factory acquired JIS S2029
( Japanese Industrial Standards 2029, Plastics Table Wares).
Jan. 1994 Established Shanghai Y.S.P.
Sep. 1995 Established HONG KONG MIYOSHI Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1995 Acquired AC motor & electronics-applied equipment manufacturing permission.
Mar. 2000 Yoichi Kubo assumed CEO.
Jul. 2002 Established DALIAN MIYOSHI Mfg Co., Ltd. in Dalian bonded area.
Mar. 2004 Dissolved Shanghai Y.S.P.
Mar. 2005 Dissolved HONG KONG MIYOSHI Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2006 Tokyo office relocated to Chiba.
Mar. 2008 Investments increased to 11 million yen.
Mar. 2010 Yoichi Kubo assumed Exective Chairman/ Yukio Kubo assumed President.
Nov. 2012 Established Sapporo office.
Feb. 2016 Yukio Kubo assumed Exective Advisor/Yoshihiro Kawamura assumed President .
May. 2016 Established Tokyo office.
Jul. 2016 Established Osaka office.