Keep lunch fresh, carry lunch with drink bottle, keep the shape of contents etc.... We respect user's opinions when we plan to produce new items. Many items which has good design and function. Our houseware products are on a commercial basis with various design and popular character. Through attractive products, we'd like to make person's daily life and lunch time better.

Product development

To make someone's life better, we always respect demands from user.
By using in-house product such as lunchbox or stainless bottle, we can accept OEM order at small lot. Also considering the purpose, a target, and the budget, we would produce your original item on your request.
OEM Images
POP (Display Ad), VP (Visual Presentation)
We can provide pictures, logo data and so on for making corner in stores.
Also we can suggest Visual Presentation if requested.
POP (Display Ad), VP (Visual Presentation) Images