Carry and keep your food at the right temperature with the MULTI PORTA Lunch Bags !
With thermal insulating inner bag which made from aluminum, you can keep your lunch warm or cool for several hours.
How to use ? :
-If you want to keep your food fresh, put a frozen pocket cool in the inner bag before closing the zip.
-If you want to keep your food warm, place aluminum foil in the lunch box before packing food. Put hot food on the foil and close the lunch box. Carry your lunch (bento) in MULTI PORTA and enjoy hot meal for your lunch!
Pocket Cool

Pocket Cool is gel ice pack to keep your salad, fruits or others cold for a while. You can put frozen Pocket Cool either on your lid of bento or in thermal insulating bag. If it's very hot day, you can use frozen pocket cool to cool your body !

How does it work ? Just put Pocket Cool in the freezer over night. The gel will transform to ice and keep cooling for about 4 hours (at air temperature about 25°C)

Pocket Cool Images